Üç Kuyular Antik Kent Keşfinin Hikayesi- İzle

Üç Kuyular Antik Kent Keşfinin Hikayesi- İzle

Yazarımız Hasan Mahir tarafından keşfedilen Üç Kuyular (İkizce) antik kentinin hikayesi…


I am the travel writer Hasan Mahir. Today I am going to tell the story of a new discovery.
Upon an information reached to our magazine, we went to Üç Kuyular region of Suvarlı village in Besni, Adıyaman (Turkey).
The region consists of ruins scattered over a wide area. We discovered historical pieces, artifacts which appeared on the tips of the pickaxes of treasure hunters. We realized that they are unprotected. So, we want to share this with you and Turkish public and fight in order to bring such a beautiful ancient city into the daylight.
After the research we have done at the region called Üç Kuyular, we found out that many illegal treasure hunters uncovered this historical ruins and they are unprotected.
I believe that an exploration can be done about floor mosaics which spread to a wide area and precious as mosaics exhibited in worldwide known Zeugma Museum and I think that a digging which will be performed here will bring an ancient city into daylight. Treasure hunters did their best to find out something so they broke the mosaics with the belief of finding treasures under them.
Mosaic pieces are all around and unclaimed.
It really troubled us to see such precious mosaics unclaimed.
When we dig the loose ground with a simple tree branch, we realized that one of the unique treasures of the world appeared. Although this place is plundered for months and years, it is stil unclaimed and unprotected. On the other hand the solidity of the citizens has a great effect on this plunder.
We can see the mosaics, consist of the world’s most beautiful colours, after we dig just little and take the dust on them.
We feel happy to bring such precious mosaics into daylight, on the other hand we feel really upset beause many of them are broken.
We believe that many floor mosaics will be found after diggings will be performed here, and these will contribute to Turkey and its tourism. Our hope is that this place will be turned into a museum and pieces will not be moved from here to make this place a tourism center by exhibiting the mosaics in this new museum.
Floor mosaics cover an area of 20-30 square meters and it easily can be seen that it is a building with walls around it.
It is obvious that mosaics in the water will colour our life.
The reason why this region is called Üç Kuyular is caused by the wells located under a great plane-tree. Today just one of the wells is active and other ones are closed. It is easy to see this ancient mosaics at this place where shepherds water their herds. The water of the well is really tasty and drinkable.
We get away from the plane-tree and hit the road to get to the temple up on the hill. The first thing we see on our way to the temple are these map-like drawings. They are either the map of the region or drawings telling things about the region. Archaeologists will obviously examine and find out what they are.There are many stone tombs at the region. It can be seen that watch towers exist on the mountains. The region reminds us the Cappadocia. Espacially its endemic flora is really fascinating. The nature itself survives here. The story of the snakes we encounter is really interesting.
A track which will be made here in the future awaits people who will discover the nature and history.
It is told that there are many stone tombs on the mountains of the region but we couldn’t see all of them.
After about an hour we got to the top of the mountain.
At the top of the mountain we saw the stone tombs which appeared because of diggins. It was impossible to get into some of them but we could tape inside one of them. There are six graves in this tomb that we could tape. Probably it is a family tomb.
On this top there are three open stone tombs.
We think that there may be many other stone tombs in this region. These tombs must immediately be protected and get prepared for the tourism before they get plundered. We keep going on our way with companion of a turtle.
Now we see an interesting and great building on a high top.
People name this place as ‘temple’ or ‘altar’. It can be possible as it is overlooking the valley with the top it is on.
We witness that many diggings are performed here for months but even not a single authorized person realized them.
We can see stones like columns and building grounds which appeared after illegal diggins. The drawings on the walls made the treasure hunters’ mouth water so they performed many diggins in this region for days even maybe for months.
I don’t know whether they found anything or not but the only thing I know that we are losing many things as history and nature.
We can see that there are caves around the temple in the region. Also we think that many other historical ruins can be discovered in this region after a good research is done. Our only demand is that this historical monuments must be discovered and contribute to tourism.
As it can be seen the building grounds are dug deeply.
We want that this ancient city to be brought into daylight and contribute to tourism of Üç Kuyular region and Turkey.
We will be on the ways for new discoveries.
In Anatolia where ancient civilasations exist on its ground, our only hope is that the past will be revealed and will not be plundered.
We thank to Suvarlı people for their support as Truva Travel Team.
We will keep our eyes on Üç Kuyular…

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